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Skin Care

Bellissima La’Piel

Congratulations! You are about to be part of a unique and luxurious skin care line that is natural, chemical and paraben free, hypoallergenic, void of fragrance, has not been tested on animals and scientifically proven to provide maximum skin care results. We only offer the absolute best and most beneficial ingredients in our products to keep the skin in prime, invigorating condition.
Our line is customized through extensive research and development to better suit the needs of the varying skin types. We are proud to say that Bellissima La’Piel is the true story of what beauty is all about.

The Birth of Bellissima La’Piel

Launched in 2011, Bellissima La’Piel and Co. is a beauty company built around an unparalleled dedication to quality, luxury and the science of skin care.
Licensed Esthetician and mother of six, Taylor Rose took her passion for skin care top the next level by creating a signature collection that combined her love of natural ingredients with high performance formulas. Victim to severe skin problems for years, Taylor’s fascination with skin began as a pre-teen in her grandmother’s kitchen where they concocted all sorts of their own natural remedies.
Later, while working as a licensed esthetician, Taylor had the opportunity to try just about every designer skin care brand available: however, even the “best” and most expensive products on the market caused irritation and breakouts. Frustrated, she decided to return to her roots and create a luxury line of sophisticated and effective skincare products using all natural ingredients: Bellissima La’Piel Skincare.

The Difference

Bellissima La’Piel and Co. is proud to launch Bellissima La’Piel Skincare, a skincare line that is natural and scientifically proven to provide maximum skin care results. The Company’s complete line includes ingredients proven to work in a synergistic and holistic approach on all our cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and masks.

  •  Natural ingredients.
  •  Scientifically Proven.
  •  Made from the finest ingredients.
  •  Multifaceted and multifunctional skin care line.
  •  Simple to recommend, educate and sell.
  •  Gives the professional an opportunity to customize a skin care program and home treatment that fits their client needs.
  •  Cruelty free.
  •  Commited to offering customers with continuous support and education.

How It Works

Bellissima La’Piel is incomparable to any on the market. Our products are made of natural ingredients, therefore there will be no long term damage to the skin due to harsh chemicals. They were created to mimic the natural skin, by regrowing healthy skin cells that are damaged from the sun, aging, and every day radicals in the environment. Our products will give optimum results when used daily with a regular cleaning and treatment regimen. We have solutions to treat ALL skin types including sensitive, problematic, aging, hyperpigmentation, and everyday maintenance to keep your face looking and feeling it’s best. The best thing about Bellissima La’Piel products is that IT WORKS, naturally!

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